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Community Based Organizations (called CBO’s) are a key player in the Health Care Transformation Landscape.  We have a seat at the table for you!  There are three key reasons why you definitely want to learn more about what we are doing!

You do want to know more about how you can mobilize your organization to be more successful in the upcoming months, right?

The Collective for Community Wellness helps its members to identify and respond to local needs, identify and leverage opportunities for interconnectivity between key community partners, and create an effective, sustainable collaboration in a formal way!

Reason #1:  CWC Can Help You Identify and Respond to Local Needs

The term ‘local needs’ can mean so many things.  It is important for our Partners to be able to conceptualize local needs in terms what Payors are identifying as key areas of consideration and focus.  Funders are looking at the landscape and asking questions such as, “How Am I Going to Get What I Need to Address (Insert Key Priority Here)?”  Payors, at the end of the day, are going to view this in one of three ways:  build their own solution, partner with a community organization to provide the solution, or borrow the solution.  CWC can help members become really clear about who/what is falling through the cracks and what key areas of priority are being addressed regionally by funders.  Together CWC members are able to examine critical needs, identify ways that the services provide intersect with those needs and proposition how those efforts will result in a significant impact on population health and health outcomes.  Join us today to become part of the solution – we are stronger together.

Reason #2:  Identify and Leverage Opportunities for Inter-connectivity Between Key Community Partners

Our work is not just about payors (managed care organizations, accountable care organizations, etc.) it is about working diligently to blend human services and the healthcare system in a way that includes public resources, private foundations, investments from public, private, and healthcare sources to address long standing gaps in our region.  The CWC is working throughout our 7 county region to come together in an exciting way to work toward developing new solutions and innovations to address population health and health outcomes.  The truth is, that our value propositions as individuals are important – however, our value propositions as a collective is much more valuable to the funder(s).  Join us today or reach out to learn more about leveraging your value both individual and collectively through the CWC.

Reason #3:  CWC Partners Will Realize Significant Benefits From Creating A Formal Collective

We can all agree that the work we do is hard work!  The CWC is building our regional infrastructure and focusing our lens on the drivers of success in the Healthcare Transformation landscape.  We are discussing what factors are informing our community planning to address social influencers of health and in response collaborating through intentional partnerships to sustain our relevance and viability in the landscape.  The CWC offers an on-going forum, through the work of the Collective, to support a community dialogue and encourage innovation across the region.  Not only do these dialogues and opportunities for innovation benefit our partners but we also have the resources to provide technical assistance and capacity building to members.  These activities strategically position our Partners toward success.  Don’t miss your opportunity to join the conversation and build our regional infrastructure together!

Take part in a growing collaborative that is sure to make a big impact on our region!  Contact Jennifer McGahan, CBO Coordinator, at to learn more today or to subscribe to our distribution list!

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