3 Reasons Why Your Organization Will Benefit from HVCCW

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The Hudson Valley Collective for Community Wellness (which we will call HVCCW for short) has been working hard over the last several months to build an effective network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) whose vision is for health equity in community wellness across the Hudson Valley. We’ve identified 3 essential components that help member organizations benefit from our work as a Community Collaborative!

The HVCCW offers organizations the ability to join a network of executive leaders who benefit from capacity building and collective action.

Benefit #1: Coming Together to Collectively Define the Problem and Create a Shared Vision to Solve it Maximizes our Impact.

When organizations come together to define the problem and create a shared vision to solve the problem the impact is significant. Together we can answer the following:

  • How are we going to work together? What guiding principles will guide our work?
  • What is In and What is Out? Discussions around boundaries and operational definitions of the problem help members to hold a crystal clear focus.
  • How is Success Defined? In other words, what is the Collective’s goal and how will I know when it is achieved?
  • What is Our Framework for Change? How will the Collective split up the work and prioritize our efforts.
  • What is our Plan for Learning? It’s critical to be able to successfully track progress and learn from the activities of the Collective.

Benefit #2: Coordinating Collective Efforts Through Mutually Reinforcing Activities Improves our End Result.

You might be asking, “what are mutually reinforcing activities?” That’s a great question. As individual organizations we are faced with the importance of prioritizing our daily activities and efforts. While balancing these priorities we have to navigate with limited, and often times too few, resources. Organizations who join the Collective find that the commitment to mutually reinforcing activities helps to address priority areas of interest with limited human resources. By leveraging what each organization does best and finding new ways to work together – organizations benefit at the individual level and the Collective grows stronger through the Collective’s range of expertise.

Benefit #3: Continuous Communication Builds Strong, Supportive Relationships Among Members.

We’ve all heard about and experienced the importance of continuous communication. Our work as a Collective embodies this important principle in all that we do. Through our developing web-hosted portal and our efforts to keep all members and community organizations fully activated we work tirelessly to provide continuous communications around our efforts and resources to build capacity and strengthen our impacts. Here are some key outputs that allow us to leverage the benefits of continuous communications:

  • Web Hosted Portal (Member Directory, Shared Calendar, Resource Sharing, Real Time Updates)
  • Multi-Media Training Opportunities (Webinar, Conference, Print Materials)
  • Shared Resources (Member Portal to Share Documents, Resources, and Training and Technical Assistance Materials)
  • Workgroups (Sub groups of Collective working on Unique Topics that Support Collective Goals)

In summary, when you join our Collective you will benefit from a Common Agenda, Mutually Reinforcing Activities, and Continuous Communication. However, our current members also report having

  • a more powerful influence on population health,
  • enhanced ability to keep clients at the right level of care,
  • the ability to expand services,
  • supporting people’s choice to age in place,
  • and being more effective when using social determinants of health to improve community health outcomes.

As you can see there are multiple benefits to community organizations who join our Collective efforts. We work directly with senior executives inside each organization because what we do as a Collective also strengthens the capacity for each member and offers each member the opportunity to leverage the benefits of Collective Action. Working together with other organizations in a collaborative with a focus on collective action improves organizational and Collective outcomes significantly.

Are you interested in learning more about how executive leaders can partner with other organizations to increase their effectiveness and increase positive health outcomes for the populations we serve? The HVCCW partners with local organizations to address social determinants of health through capacity building and collective action. We want organizations that value collaboration, work to address social determinants of health, and have an interest in learning more about the changing health care landscape to join our efforts today! Join us as we move toward our vision of equity in community wellness across the Hudson Valley. Visit our website at collectiveforcommunitywellness.org or Mid Hudson HUB Coordinator Jennifer Wuerz today!


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